Coy Roy Music

Commencing an independent career, Rinehart is re-christened at Coy Roy. 

The metamorphosis of Coy Roy introduces a new version of self, transformed in exploring and solidifying core truths, revealing opportunities for deeper and more meaningful connections.

The artistry of Coy Roy bids listeners to FEEL their way thru sonic experiences for deeper meanings and connections. Designed not to fit an established genre, the embodiment of Coy Roy is influenced by musical artists of all genres that fought to stay true to themselves and their artistry.
Coy Roy sets out to create sonic experiences that marry conflicting rhythms and cinematic melodies while distilling visual moments that move in concert with one another.  
“I believe true art is experienced by connecting with the artist and their story, maybe even more so than the art itself."
Bo Rinehart, was born Nathaniel Bryant Rinehart on December 31, 1981, in Conway, South Carolina. Rinehart, a Grammy nominated songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, began his musical career playing guitar, singing, and writing music for co-founded multi-platinum rock band Needtobreathe.